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澳门金沙线上娱乐:Watch out for private equity funds to promote performance

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内容摘要:Fund RankingWorld War II, Fund Industry Association reminded:At the end of the year, the annual fund ranking war will be war-torn. However, ...

Fund Ranking World War II, Fund Industry Association reminded:

At the end of the year, the annual fund ranking war will be war-torn. However, yesterday, China Securities Investment Fund Industry Association reminded investors in particular, be wary of some private equity funds to promote performance.

According to the fund industry association, it has recently been discovered that there have been articles published by the mass media covering the performance and performance ranking of certain private equity products. The association solemnly reminds investors: private equity funds are qualified for investors, requiring investors to have a strong risk identification ability and risk tolerance, financial assets of not less than 3 million yuan or the recent three years annual income of not less than 500,000 yuan No publicity and promotion to non-specific audiences are allowed. The evaluation of private equity funds should adopt a comprehensive, objective and verifiable data source, and apply the methods of comparability, fairness and independence.

Association reminded investors, the following public reports, the behavior of public private equity fund should be vigilant.

one is spread through the public press, radio, television, websites, microblogging accounts, micro-channel public numbers and other media, or organize lectures, reports, analyzes and other activities, as well as through bulletins, leaflets, SMS, micro-letters, blog And e-mail, etc. to publicize and promote non-specific public private equity funds, public disclosure or disguised public disclosure of single fund performance and other fund information.

Second, use misleading wordings and statements such as "Best Performing," "Largest," "Mythology," and "Yilvijianchen."

Thirdly, publicly disclose the performance of a single private fund on the public media, and publicly announce the rankings and ratings of the private fund.

Association said that "private equity investment fund managers member credit information reporting rules (for Trial Implementation)" has been reviewed and approved by the Association Council. The credit information report is based on the objective and factual facts of membership violation, violation of records of self-regulatory rules, registration filing, information disclosure and information of employees, and is displayed from the 15 dimensions of compliance, stability, professionalism and transparency Members of the business management.

Next, the association plans to formally release a credit information report in 2018 to provide a continuous "credit file" for private equity investment fund managers. The association will also promote the combination of operating conditions and industry characteristics into the fields of private equity and venture capital funds. The association appealed to the public media to carry out the reports and publicity concerning private equity funds and insisted on promoting the implementation of the principle of appropriateness of investors and promoting the construction of a fair and equitable market environment from the perspective of protecting the legitimate rights and interests of investors.





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